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JPN - A brief history

JPN Associates, a Delaware corporation, was founded in 1987. In 1996, we founded our international software development center, Shift Four Software Services in Bangalore, India . In May of 1999, JPN Associates, was engaged in a project to replace a claim adjudication system that was not Y2K compliant. The system was replaced in record time so that it was up and running in November of 1999. This was JPN's introduction to the technology of claims adjudication, payment and administration. In 2001, the division of Learning and Organizational Development was formally launched headed by Dr. George Vukotich. In 2002 JPN wrote a claims processing and administration system from the ground up to be compliant with HIPAA on the pure Java platform. A module of this product was a complete HIPAA EDI translator, mapper and compliance checker. This product was spun off as TransGen and was one of the first HIPAA EDI translators to be certified by third party certification company, Claredi, for both inbound and outbound EDI transactions. JPN's involvement in the claims adjudication and payment industry continued while still performing routine information technology projects for its non-health care customers.

JPN Associates has, over the years, provided a continuously evolving spectrum of IT services. In the early years, the main product was on-site consulting services for proprietary systems. Over 80% of JPN's technology development work is in the arena of the Web and mainstream advanced technology systems. While some of JPN's early customers were well known names like Sears, ADP , SkyChefs (now SkyChefs/LSG), and large multinational companies like biopharmaceutical Aventis and Vivendi, today JPN finds itself providing solutions to smaller companies too.

In 2009, JPN re-organized into two main arenas. The one which was always JPN's strong suite: Software Development Project Management Services, and the other in which JPN has acquired expertise - IT Security Consulting with an emphasis on implementation of SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). Other areas of expertise in IT Security consulting include HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliance.

The JPN Values:

We treat everyone with integrity and respect customers, employees and suppliers.
We must bring value to every customer transaction.
We believe that learning is an on-going, life-long process.
We must be profitable.


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