JPN is a consulting company that works on behalf of its clients. For ten years JPN had its own exclusive, 5000 sq. foot facility in Bangalore, India - Shift Four.

Some selected JPN led projects that were developed by Shift Four are:

Health Care Claims Adjudication Systems - JPN lead the ground up development of two distinct systems and enhanced a third claims adjudication systems.

HIPAA compliant EDI translator - JPN lead the development of the TransGen EDI translator, mapper and compliance checker which has been installed in many locations since 2001.

Warehouse Management Systems - Shift Four performed over 60 percent of the development of a complete warehouse management system for a client in the US . Shift Four also contributed a majority of the development work to an order entry and accounting system for the same client in the US.

Product Configuration System - JPN led the development of a product configuration system for a water filter company in the US . This product is being used by consulting engineers configuring the system when specifying their products.

Tool Crib System - This product was a replacement product for a Foxpro based system that was obsolete. This system is web based and so can be used on the several continents that the customer has facilities.

Since 2006, JPN has divested itself of its exclusive development center and has developed access to over four thousand resources at several different companies in India. These include small boutique shops to large CMM level 4 & level 5 shops.

Projects undertaken by these other resourced development shops include:

  • An FDA Validated GMP system for a pharmaceutical manufacturing company in the US.
  • Web based enrollment systems for voluntary products
  • HIPAA EDI enablement projects for various customers.
  • Conversion projects.



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